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Night Ventures



Still, recruiting an ex-criminal to the force wasn’t exactly my most popular decision of the decade.. but it’s one I’ll never regret.”

Caitlyn paused, furrowing her brow and lifting her hand to her forehead to massage her temples, "Ah, apologies. I believe I got off topic.. It’s late."

Where someone began….” Viktor repeated softly, as if hearing those words a second time would soothe his late night troubles. The Herald was prone to these night terrors and as a result frequently sought medication for relief. The doctor digested her words as they strolled past several doors now. As they continued along, he quietly wondered if that was what any mother would tell her child, when they shook with fear, that everything would be okay. He couldn’t remember the last time another had whispered such things to him.

The Zaunite blinked in mild surprise. He was getting soft, he frowned, unable to excuse the secret fact that he longed for some reassurance from Mrs. Blakemoore’s philosophy. He couldn’t until he reasoned with himself that it was just a blanket word. Viktor was no child and he certainly had no childhood. He was thrust into the adult world the moment he was coherent to businessmen. 

The Zaunite thumbed his cane to keep awake, his movements growing more mechanical the more tired he became. The Sheriff was talking about her “delinquent,” now and her voice was lost to him. His mind cared little for that explosive woman at the moment. If it wasn’t about her gauntlets, she wouldn’t be a thought in his head. Instead, he busied himself with more reflections; in fact, he was still stuck on that deeper notion that resonated in him.

Their past does not define them…' he sighed aloud. Did he find those words so appealing, because they rung true? Or was it that he wanted them to be truth, the answer to his problems?

It’s late.’

Caitlyn was right.

"As much as I enjoy our talk, how much further?" he sluggishly dragged himself on. "I’m afraid I cannot offer much company—" Viktor stifled a yawn, "not at this rate."

If the Piltovian checked the half-caste, she could see his form succumbing to the burden of his augmentation. He groaned softly, his strength was fading. Viktor’s reserved energy was depleting with the lack of sleep he had the past few days on top of being summoned to the Field. He was ready to sleep anywhere.

The words that were so quietly echoed on the Herald’s lips didn’t go unnoticed by the investigator. In fact, very few things ever did, even in her tired state. She made a note of such when she continued on, having soon after found herself rambling about her partner. When next her company spoke, she offered a sympathetic smile, "Not much. Though, if you’d like to rescind your offer and return to your own quarters, I’ll understand. It seems our conversation has left me rather awake, as it were. I daresay it’s you that may require accompaniment wandering these halls so late— as exhausted as you are…"

Unfortunately, she thought to herself, the haze of sleep had begun to dissipate from her mind. It would seem another restless night were in her future, as it was rather difficult for the sheriff to silence her thoughts once they had begun. She bit the inside of her cheek. Were she home, she would partake in a nice glass of fine wine to relax, but at the Institute she abstained from alcohol entirely. Caitlyn had furrowed her brow in thought without realizing it, but soon returned her attention to the Herald beside her.

For once his presence didn’t seem quite so intimidating to her, though she imagined when next they met, both would be on their guard once more. Still, the way his cane dragged along the floor, the metallic sound of his steps dragged with it, and the tired voice beneath the distortion of his mask… He seemed familiar. Human.

Perhaps such a thought with such little evidence was unwarranted… but it was somehow comforting to her. It remained a mystery why the Machine Herald had ever offered to escort her to her quarters in the first place, but she was grateful for it. He was dangerous in her eyes, but… not just then.

She might make a point to forget this. For her own sake.

Caitlyn sighed, returning her gaze to the floor beneath her feet and murmuring, "My mother is an impressive woman, in heart and deed, Viktor. I’d like to think she’d be rather happy to talk with you someday. I’ll tell her, perhaps… that I didn’t mind it so much."

With her final words, a smirk crossed her lips.

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The Blaze of Vengeance



 Damn it all—!” The investigator cursed, grabbing her top hat from its place on the rack beside her desk and placing it atop her head in one smooth motion as she rushed towards the door.

"Bring those files— we have to hurry."

Night wordlessly closed the file folder, knowing they would need it to be prepared for their next moves. There would be details in there that, depending on their enemies obsessions, would be crucial to disarming the threat they now faced. It was fortunate, then, that the hospital was not very far from here, or else they might have been too late. 

"Pertinent information: the bomb that Frost set was set before his attack on the power station, meaning that if they remain faithful to the past, then they will be long gone. All that we need to do is stop power from being restored to the hospital to prevent detonation, and with the bomb lacking a power source, it should be safe to search for and dispose of." Short, sweet, and directly relevant information from the file. 

"The bomb will be located in a structurally important location, so as to possibly collapse the building. Shock and awe, for maximum psychological damage. Where would the structure be weakest?" he asked, thinking hard himself. He wasn’t accustomed to this particular hospital, so the floor plan was unfamiliar to him. No matter what, it would be on the ground floor, near some critical support section.

The sheriff’s mind was racing. This building in particular was no mystery to her, as it were. Its location was convenient for any of her officers wounded on the job, and many a time she had paid personal visits to them and civilians here during Jinx’s rampages. His recollection of the file was all she needed. With a wave for him to follow and heels clicking off the tiled floor of the halls, Caitlyn took off.

"We’ll take the stairwell. The most vulnerable spot to this hospital is near the center of the ground floor— a small cluster of load-bearing walls. Mixed concrete." The investigator, after having so many of her force brought to this hospital in particular, ensured her knowledge of its structure would help her keep it safe.

… She had already lost enough good men to the explosions caused by Jinx, she wouldn’t lose the wounded, too.

There was no time to waste. Caitlyn clutched her rifle close, nearly growling her words to the man that seemed to be her partner in this case, "What do you recall of what happened after this? How quickly did the next attack take place?" Her thoughts were already so many steps ahead of the pace with which she ran, "Is it possible that, while we race to disarm this bomb, the next strike is being set up by our culprit?"

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All aboard the SS VikCait!

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I had to ask, what is your headcannon of your suppose "secret ship"?

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"I can’t say I’ve had a chance to spend time with Miss Sarah, herself, but I imagine with our occupations as they are, it’s only a matter of time until our paths cross."

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A cute drawing of Caitlyn :3

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A cute drawing of Caitlyn :3

((ooc: OH MY GOODNESS GRAVY SHE’S ADORABLE THANK YOU SO MUCH AAAA. I’m sorry I’m just seeing this now omfg /)/////(\ Her eyes are so pretty woww. ;//v//; Thank you! <3))

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