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//Just to say that I wait for Your long WORLDBUILDER about the difference in the relation about technology between Zaun and Piltover (And I just hope it won't be binary like BAD/GOOD but I think it won't be a problem. And if it's so, I will argue wit you xD)





This is probably the single most debated point between Piltover and Demacia, both on the blogs and off of it, but I will go out and say this much to begin with: in terms of technological prowess, Zaun and Piltover are very close. So close, in fact, that they commonly overtake each other on a regular basis. Week to week, you can’t really predict who will be more advanced. The approach that the two cities use, however, could not be further apart.

Zaun is driven by profits. What the scientists focus on researching is what will give the highest returns, because more money means more research. They also care much much less about how they get those returns, so long as results are accomplished. This has led to the rather horrible state that Zaun now finds itself in: high pollution, little to no actual government influence on the people, and a large amount of general lawlessness, because companies there will go to any and all extremes when it comes to competition. This is also why Zaunite corporations have attacked Piltovian labs in the past. They see nothing below competition, and will do whatever it takes to achieve results.

Piltover, on the other hand, is driven by cooperation more than competition, because what drives Piltover as a city is the idea that the world is in turmoil. They recognize, in varying degrees, that the Rune Wars have devastated the ecology of Valoran, and they believe that technology is the way to repair these damages. They work with eco-friendly technologies to try and find ways to live symbiotically with nature, like wind power, solar, and other things like that. What drives Piltover as a city-state is a passion for coexisting, for safety and security of people, and for general welfare and happiness.

That’s why their focus isn’t weapons technology, unless pressed to do so. Reading Heimer’s lore shows that his H-28G turret began as a ball pitcher, and was used as a turret as a last resort against a giant that was terrorizing the city. Jayce developed the Mercury Hammer so that he could take back the crystal that Viktor stole, knowing that force would be required and that the Piltover Council could not condone sending forces to help him. They have weapons only out of the need for security, and most of them would very likely wish that they never needed to have weapons in the first place. I could go on and on, but I’ll try to cut this short.

Piltover is driven to be a utopia. They want nothing more than to have happy citizens living on a planet that will be able to sustain itself indefinitely. If the planet dies, the people die, and Piltover understands that well. Piltover represents the human capacity for cooperation, and what we can achieve when we share a dream, while Zaun, on the other hand, is driven by corporate greed and the desire for increased profits. Ruthless competition brings them that success, but at a terrible price. 

Well said.

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((ooc: A certain someone came to visit the other day, and requested that I post this doodle I made. u//v//u))

((ooc: A certain someone came to visit the other day, and requested that I post this doodle I made. u//v//u))

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what is league of legends?



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Reblog with one LoL ability that describes your sex life








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{{ Actual map of Valoran:


Map of Valoran as we portray it:


Like we don’t even use Photoshop when we do this. I have Photoshop and could have done a slightly nicer edit, but I had to do this MS Paint edit to get the full effect. }}

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((ooc: 3rd place giveaway prize for ask-theprophetmalzahar, who requested a couple adorable OCs. o//v//o Just three more to go, and I’ll have all the giveaway prizes done. <3 Enjoy!))

((ooc: 3rd place giveaway prize for ask-theprophetmalzahar, who requested a couple adorable OCs. o//v//o Just three more to go, and I’ll have all the giveaway prizes done. <3 Enjoy!))

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Leona is the meat in my sexy most played champion sandwich XD… sorry, I saw this and it made me giggle.


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AU: Golden Days


The crisp sound of leather squeaking against the waxed floors echoed freely in the absence of traffic. The gentle noise carried from corner to corner over the checkered tiles. Even the soft rustling of Viktor’s lab coat could be heard, as he made his way through the quiet facility. He walked with leisure, his pace relaxed and even as he took the time to delight in the contrast between here and home, turning what should have been a short distance into a seemingly long stroll.

He took a deep breath, filling his lungs with the fresh and pristine air, and sighed. Viktor could not believe the amount of space the facility had. He could actually swing his arms wildly around without so much worry about bumping into his peers or equipment — if he wanted to look foolish, that is. All of this was unlike the vertical world he lived in, the polar opposite of what he was accustomed to in Zaun.

Aside from physical matters though, the Zaunite was rather thrilled about meeting the social facet of his new environment. It wasn’t often that Viktor had business in Piltover. So the moment he had heard of a research opportunity in the sister city-state, he immediately investigated the news. He knew there were many regulations he had to learn, adhere, and adjust to, but that was a small price to pay if he wanted to experience Piltover.

There was just something about the people, the Piltovians in general, that he liked. He had a simple realization as he went about his morning business fetching breakfast and a cup of freshly brewed coffee for a long day of work: the smiles he was greeted by made him feel strangely shy.

'So this is Piltover.'


He pushed his reflective thoughts aside as he reached the second floor. His charcoal eyes scanning down the hall, first right and then left until at last, Room 79. His destination.

Viktor’s gloved fingers fell upon the door handle, and quickly he entered the room. The scent of sanitary chemicals filled his senses, and the corners of his lips curved in turn at the familiar environment. The doctor glanced at the other occupant as he strode into the lab garbed in his white, thigh-long coat. Viktor made his way over to his table to resume his work. As he settled himself on the same stool he had sat at the day before, the Zaunite smiled at the Piltovian:

"Good morning."

The warm incandescence of morning filtered through the trees on the campus grounds, falling in pillars through the wide-paned window into the laboratory and laying across the delicate, gloved hands of the researcher as she worked. Deep chestnut hair was pinned back from her face, her eyes obscured by the tinted lenses of her goggles to protect them from the volatile emissions that sparked every so often from the project that stole her focus.

The quiet clicking and crackling of tools was all that filled the lab, save for the muffled echoes of birdsong beyond the windowframes. The serenity of the early hours was an ambiance Caitlyn had grown used to, luring her into a deep concentration she was rarely allowed when the sun had risen higher and the halls would bustle with life.

In her focus, the young scientist found herself nearly startled upon the intrusive click of the laboratory door closing, the noise bringing with it a new arrival. With a polite smile, however, Caitlyn raised her goggles, allowing them to rest at the top of her head as her hands closed around a teacup that had rested just to the side of her work

"A lovely morning, as always," she replied, lifting her gaze to the view beyond the windows once more. The only scent to ever infiltrate the sterile, sanitized air of the lab was the sweet, herbal aroma of the researcher’s tea— a scent that intensified as she lifted the cup to her lips and sipped lightly for a moment. Caitlyn, herself was always early to rise, late to rest. It was a wonder she managed any sleep at all with her habits, but her favorite beverage aided that plenty, a slight addiction developed early on in her educational career.

The teacup was placed gently once more upon its saucer as its owner cast a glance at the Zaunite seated beside her. It certainly was interesting— exciting, in its own way— to have a visitor from another city-state, especially one so simultaneously similar and yet divergent from Piltover itself. With a quiet laugh, she commented, "Not entirely accustomed to having another in the lab who rises as early as I quite yet. How have you been settling in— Viktor, was it?"

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