"I feel rather… dangerous.

((ooc: ughugnguguhn mun’s upset about this skin. Whining below the cut.))

((ooc: So. At the beginning of the year it was spoilered that we could look forward to a futuristic Caitlyn skin, and I was hoping for Pulsefire Caitlyn for the Creator vs. Resistance AU themed skins that they have with Battlecasts/Creator Viktor vs. Pulsefire Ezreal, Full Metal Jayce, and Neon Striker Vi.

They’ve said before that Resistance Caitlyn is named coincidentally, that it’s not part of that AU, so I was hoping they could give her a skin that finished it off. But… we got Headhunter instead. Which is cute. Makes sense with her passive but goddamnit we probably won’t get a Pulsefire Caitlyn because of it aiwnvf;ajnv;ajwnvjakwnvjn UGH.))